The Communication Code to be Seen, Heard and have Impact Starting Now (Group Coaching Programme)

For established Business Owners and Leaders who are great at what they do, and they know that, but struggle to be seen and heard and communicate effectively so they can feel empowered to enjoy the success they enjoy.
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About This Product:

Next Group Starts on Thursday 20th October 2022!

Established Business Owners and Leaders who are great at what they do, and they know that, but struggle to be seen and heard and communicate effectively so they can feel empowered to enjoy the success they enjoy. 
This programme provides what you need to become a better communicator. 
Over 25 years, I have developed The Communication Code as a communication specialist. 
As an entrepreneur and leader, I have worked with people just like you and understand your struggles. 
It’s not that you’re a failure, or an “imposter” – it’s because you haven’t yet learned how to revive your innate ability to communicate with openness and authenticity.   
For this reason, I created The Communication Code, an empowering Group Coaching Programme designed to help you discover your natural and most effective communication style. 
For instance, there's a big difference between the person who makes an impact and has people lining up to work with them, and the person who leaves a meeting feeling like no one took them seriously. 
In my programme, you will learn how to interact with others in a warm, confident way that attracts the right kind of clients, rather than feeling awkward or stressed every time you speak.   
Learning how to communicate authentically is a vital part of this process, as you can't build a successful business without the trust and respect of your clients, staff and stakeholders. I'll show you how to reset your communication style and give you a renewed, genuine confidence that will result in successful outcomes for you.   
What can you expect from the Programme?   
  • You’re going to learn advanced communication techniques. As this programme evolves, you will be a valuable contributor and I develop it around your needs. So, so expect to come and get what you need out of this programme.
  • Discover your authentic communication style with ease by communicating in a genuine way that builds trust, rapport and impact. 
  • Overcome stress and conflict by knowing how to communicate effectively in different situations. 
  • Build your power and influence and start living your best life and step into the success you deserve. 
  • Discover a newfound empowering self-confidence that inspires those around you. 
  • Learn how to say "No," and feel good about it! 
  • Discover a variety of top tips, tools and techniques that will serve you well in any situation . 

 Here's what this journey looks like:   
I take a flexible approach that makes the programme so much more accessible; you have the opportunity to learn from me and share with other people, but you'll also achieve better results. 
Over the 8 weeks, you will have full access to the following:    
  • x8 weekly live group sessions where you will learn all the secrets of achieving success through excellent communication. 
  • Enjoy being part of a supportive group of like-minded people who share similar challenges to you, so you learn from one another as well as from me. 
  • Benefit from weekly 'Hot Seat' coaching, where you can receive personalised coaching during the live group sessions. 
  • Your own workbook of templates, scripts and exercises to follow.
  •  A private members area where you can receive feedback. 
  • You will have access to all of the resources in the private members area.
  • Final one-to-one coaching session with me to support you with your next steps.

If you sign up by Fri 16th September 2022, you will receive a FREE one-to-one kick-start call with me!
By the end of the programme, you will be able to communicate effectively and confidently in a range of different situations. It’s time to be seen and heard, stop questioning if you have what it takes, and start feeling like you’re ready to take on anything. 
Please Note: Of course I want you to be there for the live sessions because you will get the most benefit. If you happen to miss a session, the recordings will be available. (These are housed in the members area).


"After my first session with Korinne I identified what my key message is and where I want my business to go. She has a natural ability to connect with you and asks the right questions to find out what you are hoping to achieve. Her coaching skills are brilliant and I highly recommend her. Thanks, Korinne, you have really made a difference in my life!”
Ali Monjack, 4TheNowMedia,

“I thoroughly enjoyed Korinne’s 8 week communications for impact course. She coached empathetically to truly get the best out of each of us and refine and focus on our goals. It definitely wasn’t a one size fits all approach. The best thing is that I am now doing broadcast interviews with ease - which was the specific area that I came to Korinne to be more confident about and confidence has spilled over into other projects I’m involved in too. She’s not just ‘another training course’ “.
Louise Gabriel, The Pollinator Project, June 2022

"I find Korinne masterful at holding space and helping to tease out of me what I need to do to achieve my goals.
If I’m honest, I joined Korinne’s Communication code so I could get more of Korinne’s expertise coaching.  I was excited to experience group coaching for the first time and meet like-minded people who also wanted to up level their communication skills.  Before embarking on it I was having a crisis of confidence within my business.  Business was slow and my old ways of communicating (for eg; social media posts) didn’t seem to be working or inspire me as they did in the past.  Instead they felt like a drag!  I knew something needed to change and change it did.  It wasn’t all plain sailing though.  In communication code I had to face some of my inner demons which were sabotaging my attempts to communicate well and effectively.  Over time and with the support of Korinne and the group plus the wealth of information and strategies she gave us, I was able to see more clearly and discover a new way of communicating: building relationships.  With a newfound self-belief and trust, I am able to reach out to contacts without feeling ’salesy,’ simply being myself and knowing that I have a valuable service to share.  I’m not just trying to sell something.  Business has increased exponentially and I feel worthy and proud.  Thank you Korinne xx"
Sophie Shand, Fuller Nutrition, April 2022 

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Korinne Le Page

I work with determined entrepreneurs and driven professionals who are keen to enhance their communication skills to achieve greater career success, whether they are feeling frustrated or simply want to refine their abilities.
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My clients are motivated, enthusiastic, and committed to their personal development. Whether they prefer a customised coaching experience or a structured learning environment, my online Group Coaching Program provides the perfect balance of support and challenge. Together, we'll help them become communication experts and attain their greatest professional aspirations and life dreams.

I show you how you can say when you want to say and cut to the chase, while being calm and yet impactful, so you can connect with others in your own unique way.This is incredibly freeing once you have learned the methods I show you because you will feel confident in having more direct conversations without "beating around the bush" or tying yourself in knots worrying about upsetting anyone! As a result, you will enjoy the impact and business success that you deserve.

I bring tried and tested insights that will cut through your challenges and replace them with the right solutions for you, your business and your industry.

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Disclosure: Korinne Le Page has been developing her methods for some time now, and much of the programme content is based on educational material, with the rest made up of group coaching sessions. The programme is designed to adapt and align with what each individual within the group most needs.